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English Bibliography Summary
Unperfect list.

Japanese Available books in Japan
Unperfect list and infantile descriptions.

Graphic Manuscript of a Fragment
2 pieces of manuscripit of a fragment written by Abe Kobo himself. Its price is 1250 dollars!


Book Reviews

English Inter Ice Age 4
This is of Hippocrates Project in Medical Center of New York University.

Other BAZAAR Eichbornverlag
Introduction of The Ruined Map in Germany.

Japanese Enomoto Takeaki
A brief introduction of Abe's historical novel, Enomoto Takeaki by Sugiyama Sigeo, professor of Science History.

English Secret Rendevous
A book review of Secret Rendevous in Bookcase, e-zine.

English The Kangaroo Notebook
A book review of Kangaroo Note in Salon1999, e-zine.

English An introduction of The Magic Chalk
The Magic Chalk is the fantastic short story by early Abe Kobo.

English On The Magic Chalk
An impression on The Magic Chalk, by Jessica Murguia.

English The Woman in the Dunes and The Boxman
Introductions to Japanese novels by Alex During, who is a student of Leibzig University and had been in Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan.

Graphic The Boxman
Midnight TV show, Bungaku toifu Koto (On the great Literature) introduced Abe's The Boxman on June 28 1994.

Theatre & Film

English Filmography of Abe Kobo
An article in Internet Film Database.

English The Woman in the Dunes
An introduction with ratings in Internet Film Database.

Graphic The Man Who Turned into a Stick
Two stage photos of The Man Who Turned into a Stick presented in Indiana State University.

English Review on The Man Who Turned into a Stick
Review on The Man Who Turned into a Stick presented in Street Theatre, UK.

English Little Elephant
Record of presentation of Abe's Little Elephant in 1978.

Study & Lecture

Other German Philosophy and Abe Kobo
Mr. Arimura Takahiro pointed out Abe Kobo's first novel, For a Signpost at the End of Road(1948) influenced by Heidegger, Nietzsche, Rilke and Kafka. Original title: Der Einfluss der deutschen Literatur und Philosophie auf die Werke des japanischen Schriftstellers - Kobo ABE.

English Fake Fish
Introduciton of Nancy K Shields's interesting book, Fake Fish: on theatre of Abe Kobo. She was following activity of the Abe Studio, Abe Kobo's own theatre company.

English Transcending Modernism
Third chapter of The Philosophy of Symbiosis by Kurokawa Kisho, Japanese famous architect.

Other The Question of Identity Crisis in Abe Kobo
Summary of lecture by Julie Brock at Nitifutu Kaikan (House of French-Japanese), Ebisu, Tokyo on March 13 1996.

English The Photographer in Fiction
On Box Man.

English Abe Kobo and The Woman in the Dunes
An impression by Kujirai Hideyuki.

English Magical Realism
An introduction of Magical Realism refering Abe Kobo.

English Creative Masochism As An Approach To Comparative Avant-Pop
Comparison with Tanizaki Junichiro by Tatsumi Takayuki.

English Postwar Japan through film and fiction

Mailing List

Japanese Mailing List for Abe Kobo
Mailing List promoted by Simizu Singo. Only Japanese.

Institutes & Fan Club

English Abe Kobo Archive
Abe Kobo page in LongIreland University site.

Japanese Boxman's Homepage
Simizu Singo's homepage for Abe Kobo fans, featuring a guestbook titled Goikenban, to which you can freely contribute.

English The Donald Keene Center of Japanese Culture
Homepage of The Donald Keene Center of Japanese Culture at Columbia University.

Abe Kobo's Friends

English Teshigawara Hirosi
Mr. Teshigawara Hirosi, director of The Woman in the Dunes, is now grand master of Sogetu-ryu Ikebana (flower arrangements) method.

English Sama soruja
Intorducion of Mr. Teshigawara Hirosi by office of International Film Festival Rotterdam.

English Donald Keen
Donald Keen is an old friend of Abe Kobo and traslated most of his works.

The Commemoration 1996 at N.Y.

English Anouncement of the commemoration

English The commemoration starts

English Lectures forward the commemoration
Anouncement of lectures by Paul Anderer and Donald Keene at Japan Society, New York, on Apr 9 and 19, 1996.

English Annual Meeting Issue of Indiana University

Japanese Newsletter by Media Japan


Graphic Illustrations dedicated for Dowcy, Kiriko and Abe Kobo
Surrealistic illustrations by Yamamoto Akiyosi.

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