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Presents from the dead, an essay on Murakami Haruki in criticism page. (Mar 10 1998)

Report on the Exhibition of Abe Kobo at Chofu City in Abe Kobo page. (Jan22 1998)

Interview with Ms. Abe Neri in Abe Kobo page. (Apr30 1997)

The Latest Literary News from Japan:
Discovery of a fragment of the original Ryozin Hisyo (May 20 1999)

Welcome to the literary homepage HORAGAI !

HORAGAI is an online magazine presented by Kato Koiti, a japanese critic, which features Isikawa Jun, Abe Kobo and new Japanese writers including recent Akutagawa Award winners.

There are, in present, only a few english pages in HORAGAI, but we are translating Japanese articles in order. Please wait for a while.

November 11 1995

I founded the new site horagai.com on March 9 1998, which is the 99th anniversary of Isikawa Jun and 74th anniversary of Abe Kobo. HORAGAI got a new start.

March 9 1998

Kato Koiti

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