Literary News from Japan

1996 / 1997
1998 / 1999

Manuscripts of Misima Yukio are purchased
The celebration for Abe Kobo at Columbia University
Sintyosya releases Selected Works of Oe Kenzaburo
Murakami Haruki opens a homepage on the WWW
Uno Tiyo died on June 10
Joyce Renaissance in Japan
The old house where Misima Yukio lived coming to a crisis
Model of Naomi died on June 23
Mr. Yosimoto Ryume had a narrow escape
A yearly workshop for Abe System at Theatre X
Yamanakako village makes open manuscripts of Misima
The 50th anniversary of Gunzo magazine
Best works of Japanese literature in this 50 years
100th Anniversary of Miyazawa Kenzi
Endo Syusaku died on September 29
Ono Tozaburo died on October 8
Manuscripts and documents of Ooka Syohe are donated
The exhibition of Abe Kobo as photographer at Hibiya, Tokyo
Discovery of two unknown Waka poems of Saigyo
Discovery of the manuscript of Oku no Hosomiti in Basyo's own handwriting
The Complete Works of Abe Kobo coming soon
Huzisawa Syuhe died on January 27
The symposium of Siba Ryotaro at Osaka
Haniya Yutaka died on February 19
Ikeda Masuo died on March 8
Conversion of Murakami Haruki
Woman in the Dunes won awards at a theatre festival in Moscow
Isawa Taka died on April 22
Reviving Yosiyuki Eisuke
Voice of Abe Kobo and the special issue of Kokubungaku
Abe Kobo Studio Project in September
Booming of Murakami Ryu
The Terayama Syuzi Museum opened on July 27
Nagayama Norio was executed on August 2
The exhibition of legacy of the Rezes starts
Misima Yukio's letters to Kawabata Yasunari
The first anniversary of Endo Syusaku
Tanizaki Zyun'itiro's letters to his housemaid
A stone monument for Yamaguti Hitomi will build
Exhibition of the last letter of Arisima Takeo
Nagayama Norio's last novel, Hana, was published
Yasiro Seiti died on January 11
Siko Magazine ended
Exhibition of Abe Kobo in Tyohu city
Sibusawa Takasuke died on February 8
Exhibition of Uno Tiyo started in Sinzyuku
The complete works of Haniya Yutaka started
Confession of Misima Yukio's gay partner
Murakami Haruki began Post Underground
Turugi to Kanbeni was prohibited
Oe Kenzaburo's inhibited story was recovered in Italy
Au retour de Abe Kobo at Institut Franco-Japonais de Tokyo
Misima family claimed a compensation for secret letters
Discovery of a fragment of Ryozin Hisyo

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